There are a few ways you can help us sell your property smoothly.


Before your valuation and marketing appointment it will be helpful if you have thought about what you want, so we can understand if you are ready to sell or simply looking to find the potential selling price of your property?


We are happy to visit under either circumstance, and can also help if you wish to re mortgage, release equity, rent out your home or sell sometime in the future. *


If you do wish to sell now, we need to understand when you want to move and if you are looking to buy a new home too.


During your valuation and marketing appointment, our agent will look around and measure up before letting you know what price you should sell your property for and helping you get ready to go to market.


Your valuation will depend on:


  •          How much properties like yours are currently selling for,
  •          The condition of your property, 
  •          Market conditions.


Good photographs are essential to a good sale. So make sure your home is ready, so our agent can take great shots. Or, even better, book our professional photographer service.


During the visit, your agent will use the latest technology to show you what they can offer and  to produce a professional floorplan and create your property details.


As expert high street agents, we have a duty to abide by anti-money laundering regulations. If you would like us to market your property, we are required by law to check the identity of all owners. You will need:


  •          A photo identification document, such as a driving license or passport, and
  •          A document attaching you to your property. A bank statement or utility bill, for example.




So, please make sure you have these documents to hand.


Then, all you need to do is approve your details which you can do later through an online account, or there and then.


Once your documents are signed, you are all set to sell!


*If you need a formal valuation please contact us for further details